search cancel – Lumber and Building is a website that is focused on the lumber and building business. This company has been around since 1975 and has been going strong ever since. This company runs all across the country, and outside the country, providing individuals with lumber for all sorts of construction needs. All Lumber currently has several hundred employees, from the CEOs, to the log cutters and to truck drivers that deliver the lumber.


There often is a guarantee that gives, and that is that the individual that ordered wood is satisfied with the color, quantity and quality provided. Estimates are available on the website, as well as what services are provided at an extra cost to the person making the order. There are three distribution centers that provide quality service to all of their clients, and even offer a 48 hour milling service to those who need lumber in an extra-quick manner.

There is an all-cost supplier service section on the website for individuals who wish to become suppliers. A supplier for a wood company means that there is land that individuals wish to have cleared. The supplier clears the land and has the lumber shipped off to the company that is paying for it. Suppliers usually have to sign a contract stating that there is a minimum and maximum amount of wood that may be provided during the length of the contract. After both parties come to an agreement, the supplier is often given an advance and begins their work. has customer service email addresses and phone numbers for individuals to contact if needed.

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Author : Pat Gregson

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