– Harry Potter Wands And Merchandising

Alivans.comDo you or your kids love everything that is associated with Harry Potter and you would like access to products that are more likely to be found on Diagon Alley than in your local toy store, then you might consider checking out the official products available from a web site called www.alivans.

com. As any Harry Potter fan will know Alivan’s Wands is the store on Diagon Alley where Harry and the others purchased there wands in the first book and movie. If you would like to purchase a hand crafted hardwood wand from Alivan’s or any other merchandising relating to the Harry Potter stories, you are likely to find it here. The web site is well designed with a very easy to navigate menu system. The shops virtual tour is a particularly good feature and the site itself comes with a secure online payment processor and shopping cart facility to help you out when buying.