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Provides a simple to use, extremely affordable solution to all facets of governance, risk, and compliance, adding in for the first time performance management as a core focus of best practice business improvement. The company’s roots are found at Cognos where for nearly a decade, Business Intelligence International was looked upon for their strategic expertiese within the business intelligence space.


The tool, Aline, is an on demand platform for sarbanes-oxley, internal audit, IT governance, risk management, and performance management.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Within the established Governance, Risk, and Compliance industry, this is the first time a company has decided to take a holistic approach to risk management and true business improvement. The On Demand Aline Platform utilizes a best practice risk and controls framework, with proven risk libraries, not from customer feedback, but from a decade of industry experience in Business Intelligence Consulting. The CEO, Roland Mosimann, has authored two books on the impact of performance management, and it’s direct correlation to a companies bottom line.


Author : Fred Inman

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