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The website is a resource devoted to the product that is the number one gastroenterologist recommended probiotic supplement. Align is intended to promote overall digestive health and is a one-stop educational resource for users to educate themselves on the product. The site serves as an aggregate for digestive health news and there are many reviews posted to the website intended to help further the overall education of the consumer. The reviews are from various, objective resources and provide an eye opening look at digestive health. On, the user is provided with ten years worth of research and the visitors can learn all about how the supplement works through articles and videos.

The site isn’t just telling consumers that there supplement is the best, they are taking a concerted effort to show consumers how and why they should try Align. This resource also offers a money-back guarantee that shows how confident the company is with their products. The site also features an in-depth look at how probiotics work in general, and after the consumer leaves the site, they will have a much more complete grasp on how to improve their overall health. Aside from the extensive industry news located on the website, visitors are also welcome to sift through the large Q&A section that will help provide answers to many questions that they may have. The men and women at Align understand that not many people are aware of how the product works, so they are dedicated to improving the knowledge of every single visitor to the site. No visitor is unimportant.

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