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The website is a resource devoted to the Align Corporation. The website is devoted to educating customers on the company and their products as well as providing a top-level service. Align specializes in manufacturing home appliances, radio control helicopters and other electronic equipment. On, customers are able to view photos and literature on various products in order to gain a better understanding of what exactly Align is producing. On top of the products, visitors are also able to follow industry news via a deep database of articles on the industry. There is also a forum at the site that allows members of the community to interact with each other to discuss products, ask and answer questions.

On, users are able to watch various videos that help educate them on the industry and the products available for sale on the site. There is also a list of distributors on the website, so that visitors can easily find out where certain products are available for sale. The site is a very involved resource that provides visitors with many opportunities to take an active interest in the industry and the events that are scheduled throughout the year. On, users are encouraged to speak up, share their opinions and become important members of the community. There are flying events throughout the calendar year where the electronic helicopters and other devices are on full display. Coverage of these events can be found on the site as well as information on future events.

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