search cancel – Paul C Buff Provides Alien Bees For Flash Photography is the link to professional photo lighting supplier, based in Nashville Tennessee. This company manufactures, distributes and directly sells five distinct lines of photo flash equipment, and the AlienBees group is one of them. There is also the Einstein and White Lightning, the Zeus and the CyberSync lines. Additionally they make and sell accessories and additional electronic flash equipment hardware. They are keen to point out that they are innovative in the design of their gear, use a high level of engineering and manufacturing technology, manufacture in great quantities, and they bring the results to the customer through direct sales, thereby keeping the quality high and the prices reasonable and low.


The Einstein group has only one product currently available which is the Einstein E640 Flash unit. Its information sheet indicates that this standard of the industry is in such high demand that there is currently a processing delay of six to ten days. This appears to be the basic unit from this company, yet it’s digitally controlled through the use of a LCD screen on the back of the housing, has nine adjustment settings on the f-stop variability, and a variety of other control settings to be adjusted, and thankfully a factory default setting.

The AlienBees link at has a larger range of products, including its high end ABR800 Ring Flash Unit, for shadow less photography. The product information provided on is detailed and typical as it has Features and Specifications, and Arrives With (hardware shipped) and Compatibility/Recommended Accessories sections. This donut shaped reflector and flash unit set allow the photographer to shoot through the ring for an even lighting source.

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Author : Irene Davids

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