search cancel – Household Shopping with Alice is the first internet shopping site to target on groceries and home goods. Unlike all the other shopping done online in which people shop for clothes, books and music, focuses on the household products. It is a site where customers can get product reviews on anything related to household products and groceries. is a great website to use when wanting to cut down on the time and effort it takes to grocery shop by giving you the convenience of doing it right from the computer. By signing up for, members will have access to get product reviews, choose brands, see price comparisons, and make better choices.

Not only that, but also organizes products, reminds members when they might be running low, collects coupons, and keeps track of expenses. Products are also delivered free of charge right to the customers door for purchases under $40. does absolutely everything that the customer is accustomed to spending enormous amounts of time, as well as energy doing themselves. The website dramatically cuts down on the amount of effort and time involved in doing these tedious activities by organizing and keeping track of everything the member buys.

Another great things about this site is that it offers the option of buying direct from the manufacturer on some products and is continually updating and adding to the merchandise that can be purchased this way. It cuts out the middleman and saves money as if buying the items wholesale. This is definitely a benefit of signing up for a membership.

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