– New York Technical College is run by Alfred State college, a technical college that is run by individuals in Alfred, New York. This website allows students to access information that may be needed in order to continue with a class. Students often use college websites to access class schedules, view emails sent by professors and/or other campus faculty, among other things.

When first applying for a college, individuals may go to the website and apply, versus going to the school and getting a paper application. Today, electronic applications for admissions are far faster and more effective than paper applications. Electronic submissions have a less likely chance of becoming lost, and a more likely chance of being submitted. Students often forget where they placed things, or perhaps they assume that parents turned in the application and it turns out they didn’t. Application deadline comes and goes, and there is no admission granted to the student; at least, not without a late fee.

Calenders are also available on for extra curricular activities, exam schedules, deadline dates, and more. More information can be found about these events by clicking on the link inside the date. Students can find out about applying for financial aid or financial aid status, schedule a visit to the campus, and learn what life is like on the campus of Alfred State.

Alumni service bulletins are posted on to keep graduates informed of functions and meetings that may occur. Many times, graduates enjoy participating in alumni functions so that they may see where their peers are in life, and what is going on with the school.

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