search cancel – Publish Music is a music publishing company that is well-known across the globe. Many individuals enjoy using this website so that they may purchase and print out sheet music for whatever instrument they desire. Many times, sheet music is less costly this way, and it makes it possible for people to learn more at a cheaper price. This website has several different genres of sheet music, as well as a variety of pieces for different instruments. The website includes a search box where one could type in the title of the music, what instrument the it is for, the genre of the music, and/or who composed the piece.


This website is also quite different because allows individuals to compose their own pieces. If liked enough, moderators of the website will post the different compositions up so that others may enjoy the amateurs work. Some students turn to this in order to get the know-how out there, and receive constructive criticism

On, there are also compositions available for those who wish to participate in ensembles, and for those who don’t quite understand how to read sheetmusic. Guitar tabs are available for quick-learning of certain songs. Professional audio users also have a part on this site, as there is instructions as to how to create a certain sound on a mix board or synthesizer.

Afred is an excellent tool to use for those that wish to learn the art of performance and have the gratification of knowing what is going on in the world.

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