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Prior to there was no website dedicated to news regarding humanitarian issues. Starting in 1997 was conceptualized and created by the Thomson Reuters Foundation to combat this problem. After the 1994 genocide in Rwanda there was large outcry over the lack of media response, bringing to the forefront a need to monitor and bring to light these atrocities across the globe. AlertNet employs professional reporters of their own to directly relay information regarding humanitarian issues. In addition to this network the AlertNet relies on hundreds of relief organizations to inform them of any instance that should be reported on. covers a variety of topics but all have a central theme of people. Most of the crisis coverage originates in nations with high poverty and low infrastructure. When a crisis occurs, these countries are the most vulnerable. Topics include; climate change, genocide, relief jobs and much more. The news section is broken down by continent and a great deal of it is concentrated on the continent of Africa, South America and Western Europe. While atrocities can occur anywhere they tend to occur much more often in these areas. also offers tools for the media in regards to humanitarian coverage. These interactive tools allow media professionals to look up data, make charts and subscribe to their coverage. While shedding light on world needs is the main focus, the site also gives you opportunities to become involved. Whether through donating to a cause or applying for relief worker job openings the site has truly embraced making a difference.

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Author : Steve Dixon

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