search cancel – Stop The Madness is a site that aims to alarm and warn visitors about the tragic effects of alcohol throughout the country.


To that end, it provides visitors with impacting information about accidents caused by drunk diving, featuring statistics, persons injured, and possible solutions. At the homepage you will possibly be shocked by the cold, hard, sobering facts about alcohol and drunk driving in the United States, including fatalities, accidents rate, disfigured persons, and a lot of eloquent numbers. If you are interested in all those numbers, you will certainly find the Death Clock a good way to communicate the whole country how dramatic this reality is. It shows the total drunk driving deaths in the US this year so far, and is permanently updated. However, the site not only ponts out this problem; it also aims to provide solutions. On the left hand side of your screen you will find some projects that are being carried on on behalf of finding a way out of this recurrent reality.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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