search cancel – For Accurate New Akiba-online is one of Eastern Asia’s top online news lead sources and current events of concern to Asians today in the Japan, Korea, and China areas. One of the premiere features of the site includes an easily searched archive of featured stories. One can read about the effects of the radiation from last years quakes in Japan, track the recovery and rebuilding process, as well as follow new medical news evolving everyday as a result of the nuclear spill. also follows geopolitical news in regards to the ever rising threats from N.Korea, as well as interesting pop news. Recently, they have been tracking the trend since the quake that younger people are no longer in the common pursuit of becoming famous in television or film.They report that may young girls are now turning to pornography as a way to make money in a short amount of time.

In order to view all the page content , one must register for free to access anything other than the frontpage.The registeration is well worth it however, as there are many amazing photographs and well written stories covering a variety of topics including: medical, pop culture, regional, political and technology. Registration takes only a few minutes and asks for minimal personal information. This site is in English, but is also offered in Japanese. It also offeres public threads of conversation on topic forums that allow members to communicate their thoughts on various issues. The forums of are some of the largest in the world, boasting well over six hundred thousand members.

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Author : Mery Fisher

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