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Airsafe.comThis site provides information to the general public and to the aviation safety community, information on events that involve deaths of airline passengers, fatal event information by airline and aircraft model and current aviation safety issues. The information in this site can be found by looking in the the different categories such as Accidents and Incidents, Advice, Fatal Events and Other Information.


In the Advice section you can read articles about the fear of flying, tips, normal questions that may occur, children in relationship to flying topics, baggage and other advice. In the other information section you can find information on US airline fleets, US safety information and also how to complain if you have a problem in a traveling experience. In the features section you can find information on the latest news published which contain related material on the subject. You can also check out the list of articles available written by Dr. Todd Curtis which is the founder of this site.


Author : Mery Fisher

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