– Lawn, Garden, Farm, Pets, And More is the website of Agway, a wholesale product distribution company serving private dealers in eleven states throughout the Northeast.

Agway provides to its dealer network with national brand products as well as the Agway line of private labeled products under the names of Agway for lawn, garden, pet products, farm and equine supplies; Feathered Friend for bird seed and feeders ; and Pro-Pet, Big Red and Lil Red for dog, cat and small animal feeds. Their prices are extremely competitive. At an Agway store, you will find what you need to maintain your lawn and garden as well as wild and caged bird seeds and feeders, bird supplies, pet products and farm supplies. Agway is proud of its customer support. At any store, the employees will give you all the info required to choose the right product for your needs and they will show you how to get the most from each and every product they sell.