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AFCrossroads.comDo you know everything there is to know about the community that supports the Air Force of the United States? Now they have an official site and by visiting it you will be able to have all the information you need about it. At the left of the home page you will find all the different sections related to the different ways of supporting and supplying the Air Force.


These sections include the following: casualties and losses, Comm center, deployment, DoD Installations, education, elder care, employment, financial info, health and wellness and news and views among others. Besides, each section has a subcategory to specify the topics and the different sections include information related to the topic, always providing detailed facts and news. As you can see, all the information you need to have about Air Force Crossroads can be found here in this site, and if you are interested in getting in contact with then you are able to do it through the address published in this site.


Author : Caroline Bright

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