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Aesopfables.comAesop’s Fables are a collection of fables credited to a slave and story teller by the name of Aesop who live between the years of six hundred and twenty and five hundred and sixty Before Christ. This group of fables is some of the best known in the world and is still used today as forms of moral education for young children.


“The Tortoise and the Hare” and “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” are just two of the more famous fables in Aesop’s collection of more than six hundred tales. If you are interested in learning more about the work of Aesop and would like the opportunity to read or listen to any one of his moral tales in English, then you might like to take a look at a web site that can be found at the web address of The web site is well organized and contains fables by other writers and over one hundred fairy tails by Hans Christian Andersen.


Author : Bill Webb

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