search cancel – Short Links. Tiny Ads. Big Payoff. Meet Adjix.

Adjix.comAdjix is a way for people to create short links to websites, earn revenue, and track clicks. Adjix users can choose to insert an ad when they shorten a URL – or they can choose that no-ad is inserted.


Regardless, Adjix still tracks detailed link data such as who clicked on their link (by IP address), when, and how many times. Users will be able to see what webpage their link was on when it was clicked along with the OS and web browser version of the person who clicked on the link. When people click on an Adjix link, they, too have the option of not seeing an ad by clicking on the ‘eject’ button to remove the ad. Additionally, businesses can private label the fact that they’re using Adjix links by configuring their DNS. The resulting Adjix link has the business’s own domain name in the link (URL).


Author : Charly Zaks

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