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Adinjector.netAndo Media is a company that specializes in providing solutions for internet radio, both for online-only and for terrestrial broadcasters. What the site mainly does is to provide software that ensures service while analyzing traffic and ad effectiveness analysis.


This company’s services are presented by means of three different tools: Webcast Metrics, which is a consumer behavior track system which detects exact listener data from all listening sources and converts it to standard broadcast audience metrics. The Ad Injector allows broadcasters to insert, detect, and measure Internet ad impressions. Last but not least, the PodLoc allows broadcasters to insert advertising into Podcast files, while measuring the impressions delivered and tracks listener habits by taking a look at what the listener behavior is in regard to one or many podcast shows. The platform is capable of tracking downloads by user, by show, by time and date; plus it includes an API to gather demographic information.


Author : Steve Dixon

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