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Adeptia.Com – BPM Software

Adeptia.ComAdeptia creates solutions for any kinds of markets providing a high quality service. These solutions make possible for customers to get well connected with vendors, business partners, as well as to design, automate and improve their companies’ effectiveness.


The company has a clear vision, in order to enable mass adoption of wide spread data and process connectivity across the values chain.

Now the companies can maximize their effectiveness by creating their own webs in a very easy and rapid way.

Among the many utilities you will find at this site, you will get access to a powerful BPM functionality to manage, as well as to the opportunity of collaborating together with IT, etc.

This is a company providing BPM server training. Among the training options, you will find things like online self-learning.

Additionally, you will get to receive personalized basic training, where you will receive a web-based interactive training, as well as personalized developer’s training.

If you are interested in advanced training you can get a 4 days interactive training session.

If you want to know more about all these services you can click on the site.



Author : Liam Gray

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