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ActionFigureInsider.comAction Figure Insider is an online source for toy information which claims to provide visitors with the best darn toy news on the web. Presented by Julius Marx and ToyOtter, Actionfigureinsider.

com has a large amount of information and resources which comprehends a long list of toys. Here you will find pictures, reviews, and recommendations about most popular action figures, such as Battlestar Galactica, Marvel Zombies, Yo Joe, and many others. Among some of the featured brands you will find products from Hasbro, Mattel, and Gylos, to name a few. Access the products available by clicking the Features link at the top of the homepage; there you will also see some special sections such as forums, blog, and useful links. There is also information about toy conventions and other events, such as the San Diego Comics Con and the Star Wars Celebration. Everyone knows how crazy web folks are, so sit back and let them tell you the extant of the sheer lunacy behind the masks.