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ActBlue.comThough it might seem slightly demagogic, it’s not: democracy is healed by more and more democracy, and one of the many ways to achieve that is to allow individual persons to endorse the projects of individual candidates, and in so doing avoid those candidates to engage in dubious agreements with interest groups. ActBlue is a pioneer of this idea, and its efforts are directed to help Democrats raise funds, one step at a time: people can contribute up to $2,000 to any fundraiser ($1 is the minimum), but most importantly, can generate a ‘donate’ button to embed in any site and help spread the word, and become a virtual fundraiser.


What’s really important about this site is that it strives to provide support to candidates at the Lilliputian stages of their careers (much much before Armani, teeth whitener and image assessors walk in the scene), as they list all of the committees, subcommittees and aspiring hotshots that have proclaimed themselves to be Democrats, regardless of how small the community they belong to. ActBlue is in itself a PAC (Political Action Committee), and aggregates individual contributions which then forwards to candidates, and this is very important because it means that it doesn’t cut a share, but actually redirect your dollars to the candidate’s campaign office, who in turn will take charge of the credit card transaction fees.


Author : Steve Dixon

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