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AbouThiSite.comSometimes, you might want to get to know a site a little bit more. If you’re feeling like that, then go check it out at With this very crafty site, you’ll be able to know important information on any site you can think of. You’ll be able to see the screenshot, the site’s IP address, and many other interesting things (like where the server is located). The UI is really amazing, giving the site a really interactive feel that will keep users coming back for more information on sites.


There are uncountable sites that offer similar services, but this one stands out with its simplicity. While the information is not plentiful, it’s basic information anyone should know about a site. If you’re yearning to learn more about any site (maybe your company’s competition), then you should check this out right away. In Their Own Words

“The weasel brings you instant information on any website.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With the friendly UI and the information it gives, look for this to grow into something much more interesting.

Some Questions About

Will they add more features? Will it be enough to compete with other sites like it?


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