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ABaptist.orgThis website belongs to the American Baptist Association, a fellowship of churches associated for the furtherance of the cause of Christ on earth. These churches support missionaries in many areas of the world and train their member in the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Then, if you are a follower of Baptistic doctrines and want to get information on This American Baptist association, ABaptist.org might be worth a try.

By visiting this site you will also get information on the churches in the American Baptist Association, as well as details about their missions, and foreign and national missionaries. Would you like to get daily devotions? If that is so, ABaptist.org might be an interesting site for you to visit.

Therefore, if you are a follower of Baptistic doctrines looking for information on the American Baptist Association, feel free to stop by ABaptist.org. Remember this site next time you want to get data on this association of churches. ABaptist.org