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Abandoned Word – The Most Unique Dictionary On the Internet

Abandoned WordAbandoned Word provides a database of over 58,000 words. The web site only launched in late January and we are beginning to promote and increase our traffic each day.


The unique aspect of Abandoned Word is the ability for our readers to add their own definitions. The database started out empty when we launched however just over 50 new definitions are added each day and this is continuing to grow.

The other aspect of Abandoned Word is charity. 20% of all advertising sales or any other sales collected is donated to a charity of choice by the advertising party. Every quarter we hope to cut a cheque to at least one charity for over $1,000.

Why Abandoned Word It Might Be A Killer

Simply because of the openness of the web site and the charity focus. Although the business will turn a small profit, the largest majority goes directly to charity to assist organizations such as Ronald McDonald’s house and various health treating foundations around the world.

We offer a great web site, unique environment that is simple to use and much more to come as the site grows. This is the new dictionary on the Internet and it will only grow over the coming months. Abandoned Word


Author : Fred Inman

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