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Aaoms.orgThis is the online version of American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, an organization which changes lives by saving faces. The AAOMS is a nonprofit professional association serving the surgical arm of dentistry.

Its main objective is to provide a means of self-government relating to professional standards, ethical behavior and responsibilities of its fellows and members. Besides, it aims to contribute to the public welfare, to advance the specialty, and to support the community through education, advocacy, and research. Through this site you can access many of the AAOMS’s major activities, such as a monthly publication, hands-on skill courses, clinical educational programs, and much information about conferences and meetings. Check the homepage for news, announcements, and upcoming events, and enter the sections at the top of your screen to find out about all the services provided. You can also search specific medical products and order online through the site’s eStore. Aaoms.org