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AAnimeNetwork.comAdvanced Anime was an original concept to provide non-hentai images of anime girls, with automated galleries to ease the update process while new images were being added; Affair Anime, which is referred to the “dark side” of Advanced Anime, was a response to the demand to use the new system to upload ecchi and hentai images. Within the Image Galleries section, you will be able to find all the different images of the Anime Girls, where you will be able to find the different image sections, the amount of pictures it contains, and the number of active viewers each section has, there are Anime Love, Anime Lyrics, MP3 Anime and Free Anime sub-sections.


There are Forums and Fan Fiction sections, where you will be able to find Anime TV, Anime songs, Anime MP3, Anime Review and Anime Sources; you will be able to find as well many different fan fics, more links and Site Info sections.


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