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AACN.orgHealth related sites including those which aim to promote nursing education seem to surround the web market. Most of them even offer degrees, long distance training and valuable nursing information sources which might be a little be distrustful.


It is doubtless that dealing with patients in critical medical conditions is not something that can be considered with lightness, on the contrary if you are a nurse caring for patients in such conditions you need an indispensable source of information gathered by experienced specialists who aim to provide what’s necessary regarding the healthcare of acute ill patients. The website shows abundant theoretical information and clinical practice, which combined can result in a healthcare system driven by the needs of those in sever pain. Find out more about their eLearning programs and online education home center. It also features a wide range of publications including the AACN Critical Care and links to medical and nurse journals along with an extensive library, that will, all together, enable you become a real expert in acute and critically ill patient care.


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