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50sweetyears.comTwo words can perfectly describe this site: Play Now. In its fiftieth anniversary, the Swisher Sweets Trivia Game is here for you.


If you want to make some money, all you have to do is remember the number five. There are five questions, fifty seconds, and fifty chances. That means that you are less than a minute away of being a Victor. Sign up for free, and remember that about one thousand dollars are given a week. You can unlimited access by creating your free account. also offers different sections for you to visit: collectible stuff, Victor’s page, sweeties’ gallery, and more. The page has an online store, where you can buy special items. Within the sweeties’ gallery you can enjoy the pictures of the most beautiful women in the web. However, here you have to be careful: take care of them, because they may be your luck’s guardian angels.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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