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3drealms.comToday the games industry in the United States and across the world is massive. Different design companies release games everyday and it is difficult no easy task to produce an innovative, exciting, number one, best selling game.


There are a few companies who have achieved cult status with there game designs, and who have managed not only to produce one top rated games, but a series of top rated games that hold the games playing markets attention. 3drealms are one such company and you can find all the information you could want about them and there releases at www. have produced the very famous Duke Nukem range of games on different formats games, as well as there most recent release Prey for the X-Box 360, PC and Mac. On release, Prey game got excellent reviews for its cutting edge in game artificial intelligence. You can find out about new projects, buy older titles and much more from this web site.


Author : Bill Webb

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