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2NeatMagazines.comThe covers of Life magazine have portrayed the most important people and events in the modern history of the United States for decades. For those that want to reminisce about days long gone, there is 2neatmagazines.


com. On the site, you will be able to purchase original Life magazines, all in pristine condition. The site’s catalog is amazing, and should allow you to find all of your favorite Life covers. They are organized by year, so finding the one you are looking for should be simple. Each magazine has a detailed description of its contents. This provides a good way for anyone to learn about how events that shaped the world as we know it where reported by the press of the time. You will be able to read articles on The Beatles’ first trip to America or the social commotion that Malcolm X’s departure from the Black Muslims caused. Over all, this site is a good way for both collectors and historians to purchase a piece of modern history.


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