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2Lingual.com2Lingual is a bare faced and somewhat barren looking search engine, but what it lacks in décor, it makes up for with its robust functionality. As you probably can surmise from the name, it’s a bilingual search engine, which means results are pulled up in not one, but two languages.


There are currently about 550 different bilingual combinations available for searching. Languages run the gamut from Chinese to Swedish. Using the site is pretty simple. Start by entering in your search term, as you would with any other search engine. Next, choose your language combinations, for example, English to Norwegian. The results are shown side by side in each respective language. There are tabs to sort through results: web, image, video, Wikipedia and blog. 2Lingual is still quite new, so expect more to come in the future. In Their Own Words

“2lingual makes it possible for users to bilingual search the World Wide Web, Images, Videos, Wikipedia and the Blogosphere. Currently, 2lingual makes it possible to search the Web in 552 unique bilingual combinations.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

2Lingual is a great tool for researchers, students, and academics. Often search results in different languages bring up altogether different stories. With 2Lingual users can get a more global perspective on disparate topics. These results can be easily compared and scrutinized for a more in depth view.

Some Questions About

When will more languages be added? Will we see more features, such as saved searches, a list of previous searches, feeds, etc?


Author : Siri Marshall

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