Review and Approve PDF & Video Content Online

No matter how spot on your team dynamic is, it’s not going to run like a well-oiled machine 100% of the time.


Communication lapses and less-than-optimal performance are unavoidable realities within teams.  And for those working together to meet an important deadline, they’re only magnified that much more.  Being forced to work very quickly in order to keep clients satisfied has a way of heightening the consequences, and often the frequency, of human error.


This occurs quite often within creative organizations.  Teams scramble frantically to submit key deliverables to clients in time – passing digital content back and forth for review, edit, and approval.  Having to deal with multiple file types only adds time and confusion to the equation.

With all of these extra steps, even the most mundane-seeming human error can send the whole thing out of whack – putting client retention in great jeopardy.


Enter MediaMarkup: a web-based app that makes reviewing and approving creative digital content more painless than ever before.  The platform allows PDFs, images, videos, and other file types to be uploaded to a specific group of users, who can provide feedback and approvals using real-time messaging & drawing tools.


Plus, MediaMarkup streamlines the process even further through efficient versioning – fully supporting multiple file types for ongoing work in progress until final approval.  To this end, transitioning from things like an image file to a multi-page PDF is made seamless.


Built as an API-first product, integration into existing productivity tools is quick and easy – making MediaMarkup ideal for brands, graphic designers, ad agencies, and more.  Regardless of an organization’s size, the app provides all needed tools to communicate effectively and make smart decisions in less time.

MediaMarkup also supports time-coded video annotations for formats that suit all browsers and devices.  Here are just a few more of its many features:


  • An unlimited number of reviewers are available for all accounts
  • The ability to create multiple approval groups for staged or parallel approval
  • Real-time collaboration through annotations, notes, and comments
  • Full GDPR compliance by design


Founder Mark Redman launched the MediaMarkup beta just last year, but has wasted no time building an impressive early customer base.  Aurora Digital, nukeMedia, and Pendulum are just a few of the notable companies already enjoying and benefitting from the platform.


Looking ahead, the company will continue to perfect development of MediaMarkup’s market-ready version while spreading the work through multiple outlets.  Be on the lookout for more on how they’re changing the game in digital content approval.


If you’d like to learn more about MediaMarkup or are interested in using it within your organization, please visit them online at  You can also reach Redman directly at [email protected].

Photos: MediaMarkup