Time We Talk About The Rhinoceros In The Room – Backup For Cloud Files

Always, always have a backup.


Most of us begin chanting this mantra after our first school paper vanishes (and everyone already knows there’s no dog at home to blame). Still we get burned. Switching to new computers, updating and shuffling accounts, accidental deletes – data goes missing all the time.


The use of cloud services has made us all inexplicably lax when it comes to maintaining backups. Maybe because data isn’t stored on our personal devices per se, we don’t recognize that it’s our responsibility to have backups?


Who knows? Better to learn about the service Revert than to play psychologist all day.


Revert creates daily backups for all of your online files and data. If something goes missing, you can conjure up an earlier version and continue as before. This provides greater peace of mind when using cloud services, because you know you have copies of important information no matter what happens.





So far, Revert integrates with Evernote, Dropbox, Tumblr, Google Drive, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Pipeline Deals and Highrise. Safe to bet that more applications will be covered before long. The impressive lists already represents the ability to back up everything from notes and files to contact lists to client interaction history.


Cloud services make sharing and storing information online incredibly easy. Unfortunately, easy access to data also makes it easier for things to go missing. People move or delete files without our knowing. Employees go nuts and wreak havoc. Hackers create mayhem and steal…


With Revert, even the worst scenarios prove less problematic, because you can always turn to your backups and either preview, download, or restore earlier versions as you need.


It’s worth mentioning that the ability to search across services is reason enough to go with Revert. It’s pretty common these days to use multiple applications and cloud services on a regular basis. Trying to remember which one was used for any particular task – searching through them individually – is a time consuming and maddening process. Revert eliminates such headaches by making it easy to search data – with the added bonus of being able to recall earlier versions.


I can’t say how many times I’ve used the Time Machine to go back to previous copies of documents on my Mac. Such a relief to know that if I make a mess of things or delete an important file, I have a convenient way to retrieve work. Revert gives us similar amazing powers, but extended across our larger cloud networks.


Before disaster strikes, check into having Revert backup your files and data at The Pro plan (which covers more services than the free plan, keeps 15 backup versions, and offers more storage) runs $9.99 per month – and you can start with a 14-day free trial.


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