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RetweetRank.comThere is an incurable longing when it boils down to finding out how truly popular a Twitter user is. The two authority searches that have premiered recently offered their own take on the dilemma, and met with strong opposition from certain quarters, whereas others deemed them as an interesting development.


A new service that also gives some kind of indication as regards how popular a Twitterer is can be found at In this particular case, the concept at play is that of “Retweet Rank”. In a nutshell, this is a number representative of how many times a user has been retweeted by others as of late. Again, this means not that much if you take it on its own, but it is a sort of indicator that can complement both Twitority and Twithority.

Maybe the question of how popular a Twitter user is can’t be answered in a single way, and that is why it is nice to see new tools and applications come along. A writer once ventured that the truth has many facets that when taken on its own are not necessarily true – only when taken all together do they give us a good representation of the way things really stand. This might as well apply to the pursuit of the perfect tool for measuring the Twitter standing of any given person. We need a collection of tools – one alone won’t do. In Their Own Words

“Retweet rank is a representative of the number of times a user have been retweeted by others recently.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good contribution to the cause of measuring how popular Twitterers are.

Some Questions About

How often is the database refreshed?

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