– Finding The Most Retweeted Terms

RetweetRadar.comPresented by Mr. Ben Hendrington, RetweetRadar is a new app that has a concise objective: letting you keep abreast of the information that is retweeted by users of the well-known micro-blogging platform.

That is, through the site you can access the tags representing the information that has been retweeted the most in Twitter. This is presented as a cloud of keywords that spans the last hour that has elapsed. This list is also refreshed every three minutes, and you can update it at will by clicking on the “Now” button.

A link to a blog post which details the creation process for RetweetRadar is likewise included, and it contains a lot of technical information and insight. You are advised to check it out in the event you are weighing up coming up with your very own app, yet are a bit at sea as regards how to carry it out.

Finally, a link to RetweetRadar’s sister site (“Spy”) is also part of the premises, and you might find it worthwhile if you like this website. Essentially, it will allow you to listen to social media conversations. In Their Own Words

“Finding trends in the mountains of information ‘retweet’ed on Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any person who is an active part of the social web as a whole is certain to find the provided information interesting to say the least.

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How could the interface be made more appealing?