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retsCloud.comFittingly enough, retsCloud is self-defined as a “hosted Real Estate database”. That is exactly accurate because both web developers and Realtors who employ this solution will be able to access Real Estate data using a direct mySQL connection.

In that sense, the data is accessible from any website without you (as the one who is hosting it) having to worry about setting up servers and the way they are run, or about updating the database once it is up and running.

Further functionalities include a XML download option, whereas a Joomla component is also underway. That will enable listings in any site which is powered by Joomla to come alive with features like a map search and a condo display option.

A fact is a fact: Realtors have to handle such an amount of MLS listings that it defies the imagination of the majority of people watching from the outside. This service aims to provide them with some respite, and if you are one chances are any of the four featured plans will cater for your needs. In Their Own Words

“Fast and reliable Real Estate database connections with mySQL or XML options.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it makes for creating a database and keeping it updated something very simple. It even makes it easy to develop applications on top of the data.

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