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RetrollectApp.comCreating photo albums on Facebook is great, but it only goes so far. There are some events whose uniqueness can only be rightfully commemorated when one opts for a setting of its very own to share everything. And if there is something that singles out the service to be discussed right now, then that is its novelty.

Available for iOS and Android, Retrollect is an application that will let you mash all your media up, and have it presented in a way that will mean a lot to any person who grew up in the 80s. You see, Retrollect can be used to create the modern equivalent of a view-master. In case the name is new to you, then it suffices to say that a view-master was a sort of binocular with tiny slides that came in a disc, and that provided people with quite a cinematic effect for its time.

Well, Retrollect revises such a concept. By using your photos, tweets and social media updates for any given day (or event) it will let you conjure a slideshow akin to those that could be created by view-masters back in the day.

These can be put together in a couple of clicks, and once they are ready then they can be shared with just any person you feel like sharing the experience with. A trip to the mountains, a day at the races, a memorable concert… all that and more can be captured and brought to life using Retrollect. In Their Own Words

Retrollect is the free mobile app that lets you assemble the highlights of your experiences and create a visual mash-up of your life!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a more memorable way to store your memories, and have them conveyed to others than by just creating an online photo album.

Some Questions About

How many tweets, pics and updates can you combine like this?

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