– Sell Your Products Everywhere At Once

RetailRoar.comAmazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter… these are just some of the spaces in which transactions take place nowadays. And keeping an active presence on these alone lies well beyond the grasp of small business owners. It is a question of time and available resources. There is no way they could stay on top of all these expansive marketplaces and venues. Unless they use a service like Retail Roar, that is.

Simply put, Retail Roar can take care of posting items to all these sites and networks, and plenty more such as and Google Base. And the information is taken straight from the shopping cart of the retailer. His input is kept to a minimum. As long as he includes the right prices and he describes the items correctly on his own site, the information featured on these automated listings is going to be 100 % accurate.

And items are not only listed once, they can be relisted multiple times if that is what you need. And everything is done on autopilot – you just specify what you need Retail Roar to do once, and the application will take care of handling it. In Their Own Words

Sell your products on eBay, Amazon, Google Base, and more straight from your online shopping cart.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such an automated tool might as well be the only chance for small business owners to have a widespread presence on the Web.

Some Questions About

Are all the featured marketplaces supported to the same extent?