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Retaggr.comRetaggr is a new site that enables your online profile to follow you wherever you leave a comment or are tagged in a photo on another blog or website. The profile card you can create allows you to promote your own blog, let other readers know a little bit more about you through your tweets, last.


fm choices, recent blog posts, etc., and be able to contact you straight through the card to GTalk, Skype, MSN, or one of your other online profiles on sites like LinkedIn, or StumbleUpon. Add a picture, show your location, and let people know more about the person behind the random comments and photos. Through the profile card people can see your Flickr pictures and FriendFeed without ever having to leave the website in which they found you. For bloggers and websites, Retaggr basically makes your page a social spot without ever having to install any sort of social features on your own, allowing readers and users to interact and form more of a community. In Their Own Words

“retaggr is about two things:
– displaying your Profile Card so the world can keep up to date with the details you choose
– tagging people you know on images anywhere on the web (not just on some social networks)”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Though there are plenty of sites that work to combine all of the various online profiles you have throughout the vast web space, Retaggr makes these profiles portable, allowing them to be available anywhere, which makes comments and photos much more personal when you know more about the person behind them. It’s an easy way for people to market themselves, just like your online business card that tells so much more than your company and contact information.

Some Questions About

These profile cards will only hold a purpose if websites enable them throughout their content and people post their interactive cards on their own blogs. How will they be reaching out to other sites to get them to try out their new cards?

Author : Charly Zaks

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