RestList – Because Friends’ Reviews Matter Most

Going out for a bite to eat or a drink shouldn’t feel like playing with a weak hand in a round of high-stakes poker. RestList, an iOS app, helps diners and bar goers place surefire bets based on recommendations from the absolute best resource: your friends.


RestList centers on sharing information among friends and making it easy for friends to get together for a good time. This is smart. The quantity of reviews and ratings now available turns picking a destination into a research project. Not fun at all. Worse yet, it’s difficult to know which sources to trust.


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With friends, there’s no such nonsense to figure out. You already know your friends tastes and how they align with yours. If Karina says the new sushi joint is a winner, you know to make a reservation without delay. You don’t need to cross check five different review sites before feeling comfortable spending your dollars there.


So, RestList stays focused on friends’ experiences and recommendations. Friends keep lists of favorite places. They can flag and share joints that rock their senses. They can send one another recommendations.


Say you’re ready for a candlelight dinner and you can’t get in touch with Lester, a library of all the most romantic places in town. You’re always in luck in such scenarios, thanks to RestList. You just pull up Lester’s list of romantic restaurants, and planning your evening becomes much less stressful. Friends can also create collaborative lists on RestList, so that personalized options for any occasion are already in hand.


In addition to friend-generated reviews and peer-to-peer recommendations, RestList also simplifies planning. Tap on a recommended spot and that establishment’s essential information appears. Make a reservation in just a few clicks.


And avoid summit syndrome – a bunch of people coming together to negotiate a course of action, talking nonstop, then parting without making any commitments or anyone actually doing anything. Stay away from the group texting. Instead, name your event. Give it a time and place, add friends. Go out and have a good time! Yes, planning can be that easy.


RestList plans to launch in the fall of 2016. Sign up for the beta release and news of the app opening in your city, at


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