– Easy Image Resizing

Reshade.comFinding a decent image editor that doesn’t compromise image quality and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is not easy. Reshade is a new image resizing tool that manages to produce excellent image results.

There’s a web-based version which is absolutely free as well as a client app that costs $149. Both have an excellent easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that’s not too facile for the pro and perfect for amateurs. With the web-based freeware, however, you’ll have to sacrifice some of the input processing power but it supports both computer-stored images and URLs. You can resize with a simple click and drag or manually enter it in. Features such as edge control, smooth defects, accuracy, etc make for the perfect picture. There’s also a free trial version of the client app. In Their Own Words

“Here you can resize images online or offline maintaining image quality (edge and texture).

Who should benefit from this? If you’ve ever wanted to have a picture as a wallpaper and it didn’t fit, or maybe create an avatar from a part of an image, you might find very helpful.

What is the main purpose of allows you to downsize and upsize images without losing quality. It creates a new way of enjoying pictures and allows you to easily get the best out of your viewing experience. Just add an image to your collection and choose the size you want. Click resize it to better admire your picture. Try it, and see for yourself!

Want more power? Try the reshade client application and get in control of your resizing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Reshade offers an impressive image resizing package. Images come out sharp and crisp with little loss of quality. The choice of using the web app or client app is a plus. And although the client app is a bit pricey, the results make up for it.

Some Questions About

With so many cheaper apps available, will users want to pay the high price? Many of the features are handy, but there’s no warning for closing the program without saving.