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ResearchNation.netDo you think others would be willing to pay for your knowledge? That is the basic question you have to ask yourself before thinking about visiting this website. Give it a try only if you happen to answer it affirmatively.

In essence, is a marketplace where people who have mastered any specific subject can sell their knowledge.

Financial projections, industry insights, company analytics… these (and plenty more) can already be marketed through the site. All it takes is signing up for an account, singling your area of expertise, and then posting your own notes and materials for others to buy them.

You are the one nominating the price, and buyers will always be provided the option to see samples of what they are about to buy before paying anything. In this way, the satisfaction of buyers is guaranteed to a (somehow) larger extent. And the smoothness of the shopping experience itself is also guaranteed by the clean context in which everything takes place – a context free from unwarranted distractions like bulky ads. In Their Own Words

We help you publish your insights, and make money.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it will let those who are experts when it comes to anything market what they know, in a setting that is instant and free from distractions like ads.

Some Questions About

How much do you have to pay ResearchNation for each successful sale?