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Researchgate.netResearchGate is a free web-based portal which seeks to improve scientific collaboration and the exchange of ideas across the world. The solution gives scientists the power to interact and collaborate with researchers from a variety of different fields.

Scientists begin their ResearchGate experience by creating an online profile where they can include their CV, research skills, manage their contacts and communicate with other scientists through a p2p network. The solution allows scientists to present themselves and the projects they are currently working on, exchange know-how and initiate collaboration in a well-designed 2.0 scientific community. In Their Own Words

“ResearchGATE is a new free of charge web 2.0 platform designed for the need of researchers. With this new platform we want to change the world of science by providing a global and powerful scientific web-based environment, in which scientists can interact, exchange knowledge and collaborate with researchers of different fields. Sign up and be part of the first scientific network.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Scientists will love being able to inform other scientists on their current projects and share know-how. This solution could change the way that scientists communicate and collaborate on an international level.

Some Questions About

Have they considered adding a section to the page that would allow scientists to pitch certain research that they’d like to receive funding for? This would allow top-notch scientists in poorer companies to connect with a network of investors that they previously did not have access to.