Looking For A Startup Idea? Check Out Request For Startup

Today’s Killer Startup: Request For Startup


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Elevator Pitch:

Request For Startup is a list of startup ideas that people actually want.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

While some startup founders are working on their dream vision, the passion project they’ve thought about for years and years, others are more interested in creating something, anything at all. Those, my friends, are the serial entrepreneurs amongst us.


However, not all startup ideas are created equal. Anyone who’s been paying attention for the past couple of years knows that, actually, a lot of startup ideas are pretty shitty. Some aren’t realistically achievable IRL, but some just… aren’t necessary.


Those serial entrepreneurs looking for an awesome new idea that’s actually necessary and desirable can check out Request For Startup. Right now it’s a feed pulled from Twitter of startup ideas that people are interested in seeing made into reality. Folks just tweet “#RequestForStartup” and it automatically gets pulled onto the page. Retweets and favorites count as “up votes,” to use Reddit/Product Hunt vernacular, and once someone has claimed and executed the idea, they’re welcome to tweet “#claim” to the original tweet. At that point, the original tweeter takes a look at the product and if it matches the original idea, the creator gets access to all of the people who up-voted it during the first stages of the process.


The site is brand new, following the launch-fast and iterate philosophy, but the founder is one of the founders of Beta List, so you can rest assured that he has some serious experience in this area.


Brainstorming can be a real bitch, especially when you’re starting up on your own. Check out Request For Startup either as a way to come up with a new business or just to spark some ideas of your own. Whatever you come up with is bound to better than about 80% of what’s out there now.



Looking for a great #startup idea? Check out @Request4Startup by @BetaList


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