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reQall.comDo you waste time of your day trying to remember what you had to do? Do you live a busy lifestyle? reQall is a mobile tool that helps you remember your task lists. What they do is give you a phone number to dial in or text in order to post a task item.


You’ll be then be reminded of the task the way it’s best for you, by SMS, voice mail, or email. reQall lets you remember ideas, images, appointments, almost anything. The items are available via your phone and on the web. Something interesting about reQall is its voice-to-text technology that converts your voice recordings into text, which you can now access and search via the web. You don’t need any software; it works with any mobile phone or web browser. In Their Own Words

“With reQall, be confident you can remember what you need to – when you need to – no matter where you are! It’s the free memory tool that works with your voice through phone, web, text, email and online calendars.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Voice technology and integrated mobile search tools are starting to have a strong potential. reQall is being part of this change by providing this useful service that will help people to organize their lives better.

Some Questions About

reQall offers a free trial, what about the prices after this trial? Will people pay to get this service?

Author : Charly Zaks

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