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Reputica.comReputica offers a 360 degree service. It trawls the full spectrum of media, including the increasingly influential world of citizen journalism, to produce a ReputicaRating across a dashboard of custom themes, such as Business Profile, Personal & Family and Threats.

It then analyses the data to create a comparative benchmark against other companies or individuals, and also looks at historical data to give a fuller picture of the situation. Clients can then find out at the touch of a button whether their scores are positive or negative, how they have changed over time, together with access to sophisticated data analysis. Each individual source is referenced to the original, allowing the individual to review primary sources for themselves. In Their Own Words

“Long before you see it in the traditional print media, bad news about you, your company or your products can be winging its way through the ether, transferred by anyone with a computer and modem. Blogs, chat rooms, word of mouth are fast becoming just as influential and faster moving as traditional print and TV media. Within days, the impact of this could potentially cost companies millions in lost revenue, and studies have shown that on average it takes over 3.5 years for companies or individuals to recover from such reputational damage.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ReputicaRating is just the beginning. The key to our service is in using our unique software to predict how information will disseminate across various media platforms. In other words, if a negative blog comes out one day, we can predict based on complex analytical algorithms where that story is likely to go next, and when. We can then advise our clients on the most effective pre-emptive steps to take. Reputica turns Reputation Management from being reactive to being proactive, a far more effective strategy.

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