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ReportMyHealth.comReportMyHealth is an online system that has a very specific aim: enabling individuals to assess their health in an easy and cost-efficient fashion. Through this site you can find out all about disease risks and health conditions that run in your family, and act in consequence.


Signing up comes at a cost that is fixed, and if you want to see for yourself if this system is what you need or not you can always resort to the free tour. This touches on this solution’s most emblematic points (such as the family tree) and provides a very good overview of the many features on offer.

For instance, some of the most remarkable features include a “Your DNA” subsection which makes for quickly stratifying family health risk by showing the genes you share with each one of your relatives. Another section of note is the one that goes by the name of “Diet & Lifestlye”, where you can learn the impact your existing diet and lifestyle have on your health. In Their Own Words

“ReportMyHealth is a smart, easy and affordable online system for assessing your health.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical way for assessing your health.

Some Questions About

What features are planned for future revisions?

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