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Repeets.comRetweeting is a very widespread practice indeed, and it all boils down to human nature. After all, the art of quoting has existed for centuries and it is only natural that such a practice will be carried into upcoming centuries, in a slightly different shape.

That is what retweeting is all about. And that is what this site is all about, too.

You see, is devoted to tracking the hottest retweets that have hit the Twitterverse both recently and in the last couple of weeks. The main page, then, lets you have your pick from three relevant categories: “Today”, “This Week” and “This Month”. Of course, you can also see the most popular retweets of the day on the main page. It is even possible to visualize the top retweets of the hour there.

Twitter has quickly become the one-stop for people looking for information about anything on the web, if only because the format lends itself to constant updates. The emergence of resources like this portal is completely justified, and if you have grown attached to Twitter it might be a good idea to keep it in mind. In Their Own Words

“Your Twitter retweet source.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who spend a long portion of the day tweeting will find it worth a bookmark.

Some Questions About

How can this service be further developed? What could be added to make it more appealing to the public at large?