– GeoCities Will Live On

ReoCities.comThey say that you don’t realize how much something means until it is gone forever, and when it comes to GeoCities that is the exact truth of it. As everybody knows, GeoCities was closed earlier this week.

While it is true that it had fallen prey to spammers, and that presentation-wise the sites found there were no patch on WordPress and Blogger, it is also true that many of us (if not most) made our first stints in web publishing through it. As such, it comes as no surprise that an initiative to preserve as many of these sites as possible has materialized.

Named ReoCities, it can be termed a sort of mirror of the most salient sites that were formerly found there. Old timers will be able to relive more than a few memories through it, whereas youngsters will have at least an inkling on the way ‘90s folks experienced publishing on the WWW when it all was set in motion. There is not a lot more to add, other than from a personal standpoint I am glad someone took the time to do this and save a definitive piece of Internet history from outright oblivion. Well done, folks. In Their Own Words

“Here lies what we could salvage from the ashes of GeoCities.

Yahoo! has done an amazing thing by keeping GeoCities alive for as long as they did, but we feel that it is a waste to leave the Internet with a hole of this magnitude. At a minimum, Yahoo! could have simply left GeoCities as a monument to the early days.

Maybe close it off from editing and simply make it static after getting rid of the spam pages once and for all.

Behind this minimalistic page stretches a wealth of Internet history. If any of it was yours and we have successfully recovered it, then we hope it makes you happy to see it restored.

We’ve rebuilt the walls to the Cities and the streets where a large part of the early settlers of the World Wide Web used to live in. You can still find them where they were before, but not all of the houses have been rebuilt yet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The simple fact that a defining piece of Internet’s history has been preserved for ever makes it worthwhile.

Some Questions About

How many sites have been retrieved so far?