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RentalScanner – Free Rental Apartment Listings

RentalScannerRentalScanner is a well designed site that allows you to search for an apartment in your area with an embedded Google Map. The site has a great selection of search filters which include price range, number of bedrooms, and preferences like whether it is a sublet, pet friendly or for smokers.


If you don’t want to use the search engine, simply click on the way points on the map to see the description of each listing. Since there aren’t currently a ton of listings, the latter is probably the easiest way to find a place. The site currently has listings in the United States but the sky’s the limit due to the fact that locations from all over the world can be added.

RentalScanner In Their Own Words

“Drag the map to see more rental apartment listings. Click the icons to get details about each apartment.”

Why RentalScanner It Might Be A Killer

This is a well-designed site and if they can get the word out and encourage people to list, it could become very popular. People will like being able to search on a map instead of through a typical directory.

Some Questions About RentalScanner

How can they encourage more submissions to help get this site off the ground? RentalScanner

Author : Caroline Bright

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